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Game of Thrones Party Food

June 24, 2016
game of thrones food

I can’t believe Game of Thrones season 6 is coming to an end! If you are big of fans of Game of Thrones like my husband and I are, then you are probably planning a watch party for this Sunday.  There’s nothing better than Game of Thrones themed food for a season finale party! I’ve compiled a few of my favorite ideas and recipes here for you, to help you get inspired.

These recipes are quite delicious (especially the lemon cake) but you may not get the references unless you’ve seen the show. Enjoy the finale and good luck waiting a whole year for the next season! :-/  Continue Reading…

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Lemon Cupcakes

June 24, 2016
lemon cake

I made these cupcakes with in Sansa in mind. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will know that Sansa Stark from the show loves lemon cake. This cake was so good I want to make it again and again. It’s a perfect dessert for a Game of Thromes themed party or a summer barbecue.

lemon cake2

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Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

April 28, 2016
Honey Mustard Chicken - HealthyforTwo

This chicken dish was mostly an experiment and I must say, it turned out pretty darn good! I served this when we had an unplanned dinner guest and it was a hit – he even had seconds! This is beyond easy to make and kicks your regular boring pan-grilled chicken to the curb.

You need a heavy-bottomed metal sauce pan to make this dish – one without any plastic on it. You will use it on the stovetop then transfer it to the oven. Continue Reading…

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Huevos Rancheros

April 7, 2016
Huevos Rancheros recipe - Healthy for Two

Sometimes I go on a recipe binge. This means I look through all of my cookbooks, pick out what I am going to make for the following week, make a detailed shopping list then get very excited for the week to come. This process take hours and usually means that my husband has no room to walk in the living room with my papers and books spread out everywhere- but it’s so much fun. Today was one of those days.

I have lots of delicious food on the menu this week and tonight, I made Huevos Rancheros first. The recipe comes from the magazine Cook’s Country Sept. 2014. I changed the recipe a wee bit and used enough ingredients to feed two people, rather than four. So if you want to serve four, double everything!

Huevos Rancheros is basically eggs served over a bed of blackened, roasted tomatoes and onions. It smells amazing when you bake it and looks great once it comes out of the oven – especially with the red and green colors of the added toppings.  Continue Reading…

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Pane di Pasqua – Italian Easter Bread

March 28, 2016
Pane di Pasqua - Italian Easter Bread from HealthyforTwo

This bread has a distinct, subtle flavor of anise seed and is slightly sweet. It’s not sweet like a dessert bread but more similar to Hawaiian bread. The egg is baked along with the bread in the oven and makes the mini loaf a great breakfast for Easter morning.

My mom always talked about “Pane di Pasqua” and how her mother used to make it every year for Easter. I decided to renew that tradition and make it too! This year was the second year I’ve made it and each time it was a hit.  Continue Reading…

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Asian Salad with Honey-Sesame Dressing

December 9, 2015
asian salad with sesame

You know those salad kits that you can buy in the refrigerated section at the grocery store? There’s one that I really like and I found myself buying a lot – this Asian slaw salad. It comes with a cabbage slaw mix, dressing, almonds and crispy wontons. It costs about $3.99 (sometimes $2.50 when on sale) and that can add up for a salad that’s much cheaper to make myself!

So I decided to do just that. Make it myself. My at-home version tasted WAY better and was also slightly more healthy with homemade dressing and no wontons). The dressing is AMAZING and this recipe make enough for two rounds of salad. I see many of these salads in my future.

sesame honey ginger dressing

Asian Salad with Honey-Sesame Dressing

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Albondigas Soup

October 17, 2015
Albondigas soup recipe

Holy wow! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a recipe. You know it’s bad when you hear, repeatedly, from different people that “they like my blog but haven’t seen a new post in a while.” This blog really has taken a back burner to my life recently. Cooking has not, oh no, I’ve been cooking up cool stuff every day like usual. Such as, the other day I made a ricotta cheese berry cake. (I really should have taken a picture of it) and I’ve been trying to perfect a rib recipe on our new barbecue.

Anyway – today’s recipe is Albondigas Soup. I had this soup for the first time at a Mexican restaurant that’s a favorite of my old coworkers. I tagged along for lunch one day and soon walked away so full of this delicious soup! I HAD to make it at home again.

I did not grow up with traditional family recipe albondigas soup like I am sure so many of my friends have… so it may not be “like Mama made it” but, my recipe is very delicious and comes from a combination of various traditional recipes I found that morphed into this delicious soup.

This brothy meatball soup is packed full of veggies and is very comforting on chilly evenings.

Albondigas soup recipe
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Road Trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona

April 7, 2015
The Grand Canyon in November

We went on a five-day road trip over the Thanksgiving holiday last year. We wanted to use our free days off of work and take a trip somewhere. We needed a break from work and our daily lives and this road trip was just what we needed.

The Grand Canyon is amazing to see and WAY bigger than I pictured it. It looks fake and flat as I stare at it, but in reality I’m looking at things that are miles away. My eyes aren’t used to looking that far.

It was pretty cold in November, especially at night. We only needed sweaters when out hiking during the day but at night it dropped to around 30 degrees fahrenheit. We saw a ton of elk and deer roaming around, some even attempted to cross the road with cars speeding by. I can say at least twice we, or the car in front of us, has to slam the brakes to avoid certain turmoil.

Here’s us, enjoying the view behind our backs.


I like to write about my travel experiences and I also like to tie in the food experiences I had while on my trip (this is a food blog after all). Let me fill you in on our roadtrip snacking and our eating out experiences through California and Arizona. Continue Reading…

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Caprese Salad

March 16, 2015
caprese salad recipe - from Healthy for Two

Here’s an idea for a quick, colorful and healthy salad. It’s so easy to put together and requires only a few ingredients. I whipped this up as a side dish for our fancy Valentine’s Day home-cooked meal last month. My husband and I decided to go all out and make homemade doughnuts for breakfast and a Beef Wellington for dinner. It was a glorious day of cooking! This salad took me less than 10 minutes to make, which was nice considering we had so many other things on the menu!

We don’t share the kitchen too often, I do most of the cooking and he cooks meals for me a couple times a week. Working through these new and time-consuming recipes together was a so much fun! The best kind of date in my opinion.

caprese salad recipe - from Healthy for Two
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Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

February 12, 2015
Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

I like to buy a large piece of salmon at Costco, cut it into portions for two, place the pieces in individual zipper bags then freeze. When I do this I’m usually left with an end piece of the salmon – a piece that’s thin with less meat. I try to get creative with this last piece – bake it, flake it and put it in a salad or something. This time I wanted to try something totally different!

There’s this really good recipe for tuna croquettes from Alton Brown that I like to cook a lot. You take canned tuna, mix it with egg, seasonings and bread crumbs, shape them into cakes, then pan fry the pieces. This makes a really good main dish or appetizer for a crowd. Why not try it with salmon?
Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes
This is a great recipe to use up leftovers – I made baked sweet potatoes the night before and I had one left over to use for this recipe! I mixed it with the salmon to make these cakes. You can use leftover salmon, canned salmon,  or cook a fresh end piece like I did.
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