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Grilled Cheese with Pesto

May 17, 2011

Get ready for the best grilled cheese, OF YOUR LIFE! Well maybe… I hear that grilled cheese are all the rage now-a-days. I’ve gotta try some out at one of the new restaurants someday soon. The recipe below is REALLY good though, so you have to try this one out.

I got the idea from a blog called Closet Cooking. I pretty much drooled all over my keyboard as I saw the pictures on that blog. I saw the basil and cheese sitting in my fridge one day and I had to try it. My recipe I threw together  is a little more simplified and I take out the butter to lessen the fat. Enjoy :)

Grilled Cheese with Pesto


  • Honey wheat Bushman bread- the extra dark kind
  • (Actually any kind of bread will do)
  • Mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • Olive oil- the spray kind

Quick pesto:

  • Fresh basil leaves (a large handful)
  • Olive oil
  • About 3-4 garlic cloves
  • Fresh Ground pepper

To Do:

- Throw the basil, garlic, pepper and olive oil into a food processor or blender.
– Add enough olive oil to make it ‘saucey’, if you will, so the basil and garlic stay together.
– The longer you blend it, the more fine the pieces get- I like mine a little chunky.
– Spread the pest on on the bread along with your desired amount of cheese.
– Spray the outsides of the bread with the olive oil (or use butter, if your heart so desires)
– Grill the sandwich on each side until browned and the cheese is all melty.

Enjoy the bliss your taste buds will experience.  

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