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The Epic 100th Post: Italian Cook-off!

February 27, 2012
Caprese bites

Drum-roll please…
My friends, you are reading my 100th POST!

WOW, can you believe it?  I started this blog in back September 2010 and here I am now- 100 recipes later and still cooking new things! I have had such a wonderful time creating this blog and sharing all of my recipes with you. Thank you so much for reading!
In honor of post #100, I have made a few changes to this blog that you may notice:

  • My recipe index is fully updated and contains all 100 recipes. You can also find anything you are looking for with the handy-dandy search bar on the right hand side of the page.
  • You can now easily print my recipes! Just click the little printer icon at the bottom of each post, and you will be able to print with or without images!
  • There is a new page called “Food-Themed Parties” which I am super excited about! Yes, I cook for two but I also enjoy cooking for large groups. My friends and I love to get together and cook- check out this page for some ideas for your own food party.

Stuffed chicken over homemade spaghetti

Speaking of themed food parties, last weekend, my friends and I got together and cooked Italian food! It was an Italian feast like no other. With four cooks in the kitchen and in about two hours time we served a delicious meal for all of our friends. This was the perfect opportunity for an epic blog post! My next few posts will have the recipes for the dishes that we made on this fine night, so think of this post as sort of a… teaser for what’s next to come!

Tessa kranz

Seriously, a party based off of creating and eating dishes from a certain country is so much fun! Whether you make  Italian food  like us or German, French or whatever, it is a really fun way to get everyone together and have a good time. Plus, you know who the party is REALLY for- the cooks! It’s an opportunity to show off doing what you love!

Making the ravioli

We created a Facebook event page and we posted a grocery list online. Each person was able to comment on what they would bring, whether it be ingredients or wine. Once everyone started arriving, we put together an action plan so that everything would be done at the same time. Greg, the person who’s kitchen we were using, acted as the head chef giving his expert tips to the rest of us as we prepared the feast.

Bread and olive oil dip

We started off with appetizers, that way the guests could snack and booze up while we made the rest of the magic happen. For appetizers there were Caprese bites, bread and dip, and prosciutto cups.

Prosciutto cups with spinach and cheese

We then continued to make homemade spaghetti, ravioli, stuffed chicken, and green bean salad. The pesto was homemade too with a crap load of basil, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil. For the chicken, it was stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach and sun dried tomatoes. We then rolled it in Panko bread crumbs and seared it in a stove-top pan for a few minutes before baking it. It had just the right amount of crisp!

Ravioli with pesto and green bean salad

Stuffed chicken with spinach and sun dried tomatoes

I’ve got to get my self one of these!

Ravioli a la Greg

The night was finished off with a delectable homemade tiramisu made by my friend Greg. I hear it it so easy to make; it takes two steps then you refrigerate it for a few hours.
I NEED to make this again.

Homemade tiramisu

Well I hope I have made you drool a little (because I sure am while writing this post)! Stay tuned for the recipes for all of the delicious dishes above. It has been a fun 100 posts, I’ve learned a lot and cooked a lot- here’s to another 100!!

Here’s one of the real heroes of the night: he’s doing the dishes!

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