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Burger Cupcakes

May 7, 2012
cute cupcakes

Every now and then you need a cupcake recipe. Or in this case, a good cupcake idea. It’s Springtime, there’s a ton of people having birthdays and barbecues… There is no better time to make cupcakes – especially “hamburger” cupcakes! This post is definitely going in the category “Splurging is okay sometimes,” but it’s such a cute idea I had to share!

I feel like I am a creative enough person to come up with an idea like this but just like many things I do now-a-days, I got the idea from a pin on Pinterest – from a blog called Bakerella. So I thank Bakerella for the idea!

These puppies are pretty simple to make- I made them from boxed cake/brownie mix. It’s just a little more time consuming than regular cupcakes (especially if you’re like me and have such a small oven that you can’t fit everything in at once) but the end result is totally worth it! You will turn heads and impress the neighbors! Your friends will eat 5 of them like they are actually little beef sliders, and you will not have to beg others to take home the leftovers!

hamburger cupcake

These were so fun to make- here’s what you do:

Hamburger Cupcakes


  • Boxed vanilla cake mix – I used Angel Food cake. which I felt gave it more of a “rustic bun” look. It was good and a little crunchy, but I think next time I will try regular cake.
  • Boxed brownie mix
  • Any of the ingredients that go into the cake mixes- like eggs and oil
  • (*Here’s a tip! Replace the oil in the boxed recipe for unsweetened apple sauce- it tastes the same and it’s just that much better for you)
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Food coloring
  • Friends

food coloring frosting

To Do:

  • Make the cake according to the instructions on the box for cupcakes. Cool completely before taking them out of the wrapper/pan and then slice then in half so they resemble a bun. Set aside.
  • Make the brownies according to the instructions on the box as well.  I made a few trial and errors on the best ways to get it to be in a circle shape:
  • First I spread a super thin layer on a cookie sheet and then used a cookie cutter (or even a drinking glass top works) to cut out the circle shapes for the patties. This worked well, but I was left with a bunch of extra brownie that I couldn’t use.
  • Then I decided to cook them in the cupcake tins. This was the best idea because once cooked,  I was able to get about 3 or 4 “patties” out of each one by slicing them up.
  • Next, divide the vanilla frosting into two bowls and add green (for lettuce) and red (for tomato) food coloring to each (yellow would work too- it resembles cheese).
  • Assemble the “burgers”
  • Eat one and share the rest with friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed this cupcake idea! Thanks to Pinterest, I have a growing board of cute cupcake ideas I need to make some day. Check it out and while you’re there, check out my other boards. There’s some good stuff in there 😉


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