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Pasta with Mushrooms, Basil and Truffle Salt

December 6, 2014
fresh pasta with mushrooms and truffle salt - Healthy for Two

I live just a short 5 minute bike ride from the local Saturday market here in my home town. There’s just something so special about purchasing fresh, local food without having to drive in my car somewhere to get it. Everytime I go, I get so excited and I usually buy a bunch of cool things just because I’m there and it feels like a special occasion. Last time, I decided to talk to the lady who sells salts. I was intrigued by her truffle salts. I’ve been wanting to splurge on truffle oil or salt, once I had a recipe in mind. I didn’t have a recipe in mind that day, but I was at the magical farmers market so I had to get some. Now, to find a recipe.

Next to her booth was a man selling homemade pasta. I purchased some fresh fettuccine and immediately headed to the mushroom guy to get a bag of shitaki mushrooms. Finally, I grabbed some fresh basil at another booth and ran away before I could buy anything else (after purchasing a bunch of fresh sunflowers to decorate my kitchen with, of course).

I got home and whipped up this pasta dish in no-time, finishing it off with a sprinkle of truffle salt. Pure-truffle-heaven.

esay pasta recipe with truffle salt

This little bottle of black truffle salt cost me $10. It was a splurge but a delicious one. Totally worth it. It only takes a little bit of this salt to give you the strong truffle flavor. You just sprinkle a little bit on your finished dish such as pasta, eggs or even sauteed vegetables. Always add it to a finished meal – if you cook with it, the flavor diminishes.  I don’t use it all the time but when I feel like having an egg sandwich with truffle salt, I do.

black truffle salt

Now you can still make this delicious pasta dish without the truffle salt. Fresh pasta along with sauteed mushrooms, butter, garlic and basil is amazing and as simple as it gets to make.

fresh pasta with mushrooms and truffle salt - Healthy for Two

Pasta with Mushrooms, Basil and Truffle Salt


  • Fettuccine pasta (fresh, if possible) for two servings
  • Handful of shitaki mushrooms
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • A small handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped into slivers
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Truffle salt
  • Fresh parmesan cheese

To Do

Bring a pot of water to a boil.

Meanwhile, chop up the mushrooms, mince the garlic and saute them in a tablespoon of butter.

Once the pot of water is boiling, throw in your fresh pasta and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Strain out the water and return the pasta to the pot. Stir in 1 tablespoon of butter and season with pepper. Add the sauted mushrooms and garlic.

Serve the pasta on your plates and top with the chopped basil. Take about a teaspoon of truffle salt in the palm of your hand and use your fingers to sprinkle the salt over the pasta. You only need a little bit.

Grate some fresh parmesan cheese on top and then eat! Enjoy the truffle flavor and the fact that you just created a meal in 5 minutes.

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