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Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

February 12, 2015
Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

I like to buy a large piece of salmon at Costco, cut it into portions for two, place the pieces in individual zipper bags then freeze. When I do this I’m usually left with an end piece of the salmon – a piece that’s thin with less meat. I try to get creative with this last piece – bake it, flake it and put it in a salad or something. This time I wanted to try something totally different!

There’s this really good recipe for tuna croquettes from Alton Brown that I like to cook a lot. You take canned tuna, mix it with egg, seasonings and bread crumbs, shape them into cakes, then pan fry the pieces. This makes a really good main dish or appetizer for a crowd. Why not try it with salmon?
Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes
This is a great recipe to use up leftovers – I made baked sweet potatoes the night before and I had one left over to use for this recipe! I mixed it with the salmon to make these cakes. You can use leftover salmon, canned salmon,  or cook a fresh end piece like I did.

Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

Makes 10 cakes Ingredients:

  • 1 medium baked sweet potato (about 1 cup)
  • 1 piece of cooked salmon – about 4 ounces (or canned salmon)
  • 1/4 cup Panko bread crumbs
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup sliced green onions
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon slices (optional)

To Do:

Mash the sweet potato in a bowl.

Crumble the cooked salmon into small pieces and mix it with the mashed potato. Add the bread crumbs, egg, sliced green onions. Add in salt and pepper to taste.

Using your hands, form the mixture into small patties (about 2 inches big).

Heat 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil in a non-stick pan. Pan-fry the patties for a couple of minutes on each side, until browned.

Serve with a slice of lemon or tzatziki sauce.

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